Registered & Protected Afrobeat Musicians Malobi RC and Jah Phinga Collaborate on "Nogokpo" a Song that Addressed the controversy about the town.

Afrobeat Musicians Malobi RC and Jah Phinga Collaborate on "Nogokpo" a Song that Addressed the controversy about the town.

Afrobeat Musicians Malobi RC and Jah Phinga Collaborate on "Nogokpo" a Song, Addressing the controversy about the town.

In a bold move to address the recent controversy surrounding the town of Nogokpo in the Volta Region, afrobeat musicians Malobi RC and Jah Phinga have joined forces to release a powerful new song titled "Nogokpo." 

The collaboration, produced under the record label Avenue Hub Media, aims to provide their perspective on the contentious statement made by a religious leader referring to Nogokpo as a "demonic headquarters" in the Volta Region.
As anticipation builds within the community, the release of "Nogokpo" is scheduled for tomorrow, offering listeners a glimpse into the artists' thoughts and feelings regarding the controversy.

The song is expected to serve as a platform for Malobi RC and Jah Phinga to express their stance on the matter and contribute to the ongoing discussion.

Malobi RC, a celebrated Ghanaian afro-pop, R&B, and rap artist, has gained recognition for his unique musical style and socially conscious lyrics. Born Fabrick Edoh Gada Tulasi on November 16, 1982, at Accra's 37 Military Hospital, he has carved out a prominent place for himself in the music industry. In 2021, he was honored with the Golden Ghana Award for Best Afro-pop Artist of the Year.

Jah Phinga, another notable musician in his own right, has made waves with his distinctive sound and lyrical prowess. The collaboration between Malobi RC and Jah Phinga on the song "Nogokpo" is highly anticipated, as both artists bring their unique perspectives to the forefront.

The controversy surrounding Nogokpo arose when a prominent religious figure publicly labeled the town as a "demonic headquarters." This remark has sparked debates and discussions about the cultural significance and true essence of Nogokpo, a town deeply rooted in tradition and history within the Volta Region.
With their upcoming song, Malobi RC and Jah Phinga have an opportunity to contribute to the conversation and shape the narrative surrounding Nogokpo. Fans and the local community eagerly await the release of "Nogokpo" to understand the artists' stance and how they address the controversial remark through their music.

Stay tuned for the release of "Nogokpo" and further updates on the artists' message, as Malobi RC and Jah Phinga utilize their musical talents to shed light on the matter and foster a deeper understanding of Nogokpo's cultural significance. READ MORE 

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